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A Product portfolio and Services skills that have only one aim...

Take Control... Deliver more for less!

OMIKRON DATA will help IT departmens to deliver better performance at a lower cost, reduce hardware upgrades, maintain compliance and gain much better understanding of the applications.

Each solution set is designed or selected because of it's ability to deliver more whilst reducing currnet volumes and overhead.



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World Class solutions that help you take back control...



  • Implement robust and automated archive systems that let you access the archive on-demand...


  • Create test data from your main database easily, and sanitise the test data to preserve confidential information and meet legislative requirements...


  • Extract, merge, transform data from disparate sources to give users what they need…


  • Reliably and securely retire legacy Applications but maintain    access to the data…


  • Track users and jobs historically and report on usage trends




Talk to someone who understands the issues...





Manned, 24/7 Monitoiring Helpdesk

Keeping M3 and Movex Moving (Or any other System)

Essist has been helping Movex and M3 sites to Monitor, Move and Maintain their Application systems and servers for many years.

Whether the requirement is for:

  • 24/7 Manned Monitoring and Alerting to keeping the systems active and optimal
  • Getting more out of your Application by optimising or archiving,
  • Assisting in migrating to new servers or releases,

Essist can drastically cut cost at every level.

And it makes no difference whether your servers are in a Cloud, in a Data Centre or physically located On-Premise at your offices, Essist services can be deployed in every scenario.

Even with the base service, you will be able to see performance statistics, isolate high usage users and/or jobs, see point-in-time reports of usage and user activity for any point in the last 3 months – or longer. You will also get an ITIL accredited monitor team that can, for example, re-start failed Auto-start jobs, answer Backup device error messages, re-start stalled critical subsystems and bounce services like StreamServe – even if it is 2:30 in the morning…

We specialise in: -

24/7 Manned Monitoring

              Remote, Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise

              Alert and Incident Triage

              Incident Management and Escalation

              Incident Analysis and Reporting

Historical Usage Analysis

              User Tracking, Job Tracking

              Server Management

              Performance Analysis and Management

Database Archiving

HA based Server Migration and Upgrade

Application Retirement

Server Hosting

 man and machine




Compliance, Compliance, Compliance




Application Retirement

When an Application has to be retired, it is usually just that – the Application.

Often, although the business has a requirement to move on, update systems or add new processes that the legacy Application is unable to accommodate, the data is just as relevant as it has always been.

Again, often, transferring all or even part of the data to a new Application can be problematic, time consuming and expensive. As well as the transfer of the data and the re-formatting for the new application, the testing time and on-going expense of carrying the older data can be alarming.

Leaving the legacy application running, licensed and maintained so that users can get access is also an issue and often a very large expense too.

The DataNovata approach allows you retire the legacy Application, shift the data into an inexpensive database on an inexpensive platform but allow controlled, easy, auditable access by users to look at the olde3r data for reference. This allows you to move to the new Application with minimum clutter and minimal data which speeds up testing and Go-Live switch-overs immensely.



Compliance, Compliance, Compliance


Data Transformation

The need for moving data, combining databases and transforming data on the fly has been with us for a very long time.

Searching for tools to perform this task (Genre: ETL – Extract Transform and Load) has become easier too and there are many robust and reliable tools available in many flavours.

The difficult piece has been to put the requirement with the correct tool and the correct methodology so that data can be reliably moved, used, tracked and secured… at a reasonable price… and be made repeatable without special skills being required.

Elect-IO brings an approach that can visualise the transformation using OpenSource tooling and put in place a reliable data extract and transformation to build the data in the way the user needs it - and from a variety of sources.   With the sources being so wide and varied these days, it is not just our ERP data but this may need to be combined with other databases, web pages and even

e-mail data – all possible with the Elect-IO approach.

Elect IO Web Graphic 




Compliance, Compliance, Compliance


Archiving Application Databases


A Simple, multi-platform solution.

The advantages gained from archiving redundant rows/records from large Application Database files is well documented. The issue that many of us face is how to go about this, particularly with a view to minimising downtime, eliminating risks and remaining Compliant during- and after - this process.

Now widely accepted as the next  'To-Do' project for most companies, this Archiving project is still being put back... mainly because the traditional approach can often bring along a fear of corrupting the database or application, a potential for application down-time and the apprehension of a significant amount of time for a traditional approach project.

With the DB-ARK approach, many years of Application Archiving knowledge and experience is coupled with the world's leading brains on Application Design Recovery. Your Archiving Project can start straight away...

Management Advantages and Performance: -

After archiving, daily back-ups are much shorter, DR would be significantly improved and application performance will be noticably enhanced. All archives are logged and audited. Access to the archived data - whether on-line or off-line - is simple and quick.

db before 


How DB-Ark sits in your Environment:-

Starting the project


With the DB-ARK approach, you will be able to start the project right away by either using the Schemas already built for many of the leading ERP and Banking solutions out there or, by initiating the Analysis service. Closely coupled to expert database analysis tools, you can gather the table information you need, reliably and Up-To-Date, including any modifications you may have made over the years.

More than just a purge

The DB-ARK approach is not just a Purge, which you may find your standard ERP 'archive' routines are. Data can no longer be deleted or modified/changed/amalgamated in the name of Archiving; this could land your CEO in Jail!

The DB-ARK approach archives data in its original structure whether it is archiving to the originating Database or transforming to a different database (e.g. DB2 to SQL or ORACLE). This means that the data can be recovered right back to where it came from - unmodified - so that we can easily satisfy Audit or Legislative compliance restrictions; something that is endemic in our approach.

Access to the archived data?

In most instances, the existing application can be run over the Archive Data directly and the Archived Data is always available to be recovered on-demand.  Alternatively, data can be accessed using the DataNovata analysis tool which can replicate the original enquiries like Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Payments over the older, archived data in a very similar fashion.

Very useful Spin-off...

Test data and Test Company database copies are of significant importance these days and it is well known that maintaining good test data is both expensive and time consuming.

Incredibly, using almost the same process as for the archive we can create Test Database Subsets that we can run the Application over.

Better still, we can sanitize the data so that we can release it to third parties without compromising the privacy of the real data.

A feature of this approach is the ability to create a Full company Database copy but with only a subset of the transaction data, typically 6 months. This not only gives great test data for training and exploring new application options but takes only a fraction of the space occupied by a traditional straight copy of the operational database.

Another regular requirement is to take any number of Subsets of the Databse for application area testing. An example would be where we want to test a new facility that will affect, say, only the Order Entry Files/Tables, we can snip out just the data Files/Tables affected and trim them down to just recent transactions. This can cut development time considerabley whilst also aiding good quality testing.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance


  Trusted Software used by current customers and of immense value. 

High Availability and Disaster Recovery for IBM POWER Systems

Data ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) between differing platforms and differing databases

System Optimisation and Management for IBM i

Database Archiving for MOVEX and M3 on System i

DataNovata Application Retirement and Analysis

24/7 monitoring of System and Application



Compliance Compliance Compliance.


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